Southwest Spirits, Dallas, Texas


In addition to a core portfolio of 8 brands, Southwest also creates, registers, distills and bottles spirits brands for key business partners.

Plant capabilities include pot and column distillation, chill and non-chill filtering blending and ingredient management including fermentation, packaging, filling, labeling, formulation, storage, and transportation of products.

We distill, bottle, blend, market and sell our own quality brands like Nue Vodka, Title 21 Whiskey, Calamity Gin, and Henderson Whiskey.




Southwest Spirits is a solution based company for large scale products in search for diverse solutions across a national and international footprint. Based on our diverse production of products, Southwest Spirits is the third largest distillery in Texas. Southwest possesses a strong team of master blenders, distillers, and packaging experts. Combined with our national coverage managed by industry veterans, Southwest sells its products in 37 states and two countries.


We have a successful background of creating and managing our own brands through the various trade channels. The company utilizes this footprint across the USA to develop new products, private labels, and control brands for our customers and partners. In addition to our sales and marketing capabilities, we can provide comprehensive product services for opportunities with critical mass. 


Our capabilities create multi-platform efficiencies:

  • Production, sales and marketing that create award-winning spirits

  • Plant capabilities allow us to produce all legal sizes in both glass and plastic packaging

  • Our regulatory expertise allows us to sell in all 50 states of the United States and enhances our ability to export or import


President, Mike Howard is a 30-year spirits veteran with both a supplier and distributor background. The other members of the leadership team, John Fortman and Larry Lenzen, have over 25 years each in their respective operation and financial fields that bring the strategic insights needed to create award-winning brands in a competitive environment.



  • Southwest Spirits is the 3rd largest distillery in Texas.


  • Strategically located in Dallas, Texas near I-35 allowing the company to efficiently service all of North America.


  • Southwest produces premium spirits efficiently and consistently through a 14’ Column still made by Vendome.


  • We have created unique, custom mash bills for our brands via our on-site grain milling capabilities.


  • Our 103,000 square foot facility provides the space for multiple tank farms, a large bonded warehouse, and designated areas for dry goods to service our brands, distributors and our licensed partners.


  • Four high-speed bottling lines with multiple filling capabilities give Southwest Spirits production speed and flexibility. We produce alcohol products in all of the various spirit categories and in all of the legal sizes.





Southwest Spirits has created and developed a premium portfolio of brands that satisfy a wide variety of industry needs and opportunities.